Are you ready for change?

Change is a natural part of life; it is inevitable. The sun rises each day, illuminating the cover of darkness
for us to start again, to be better than we were yesterday. Without change, there will be no progress.

The question is, do you embrace change as an opportunity to transform, to live your life your way
and to your fullest potential? If you are, it would be an honor to journey along with you.

At Elizabeth Image Branding, we believe true image transformation begins with the right mindset, in other words, from within. It goes beyond what we wear because how we feel and see ourselves is fundamental to an authentic image.

Our approach is anchored by our five pillars of influence – Appearance, Behaviour, Communication, Digital Impression and Emotional Performance to help you align the inner and public YOU for a strong, harmonious and balanced self-identity.

We have successfully empowered many individuals and companies to articulate their brand image, amplifying their success and maximising returns.

Embark on a transformative journey with our professional image consultants. Let’s create an authentic winning
image together.



Our Consultants

Elizabeth hor

AICI CIC, CIM (UK), C.NLP, Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Image Branding

“My mission is to help millions of people discover their true authentic selves and empower
them to communicate that authenticity with power and influence.”


Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Image Branding and
is the Master Trainer in EIB International Academy of Image & Style.
She is also a rising star as an Image Branding Coach for Hollywood
celebrities. With her flair for style and passion for change, Liz has
helped thousands change their mindset and transformed their lives.

Full Bio:

With over two decades of hands-on experience in medical, sales, and strategic marketing, Elizabeth has honed her understanding of human behaviour. She is an effective communicator specialising in Personal Image Branding & Image Management programs. Liz is a trailblazer in the image consulting industry and is best known for her charismatic influence and inspirational motivation.

In 2014, Elizabeth found her true calling and never looked back. She founded Elizabeth Image Branding PLT to help others succeed by sharing her expertise accumulated from the world of business, fashion, branding, sales, and marketing. To accelerate her mission in empowering more people with her skills and knowledge, Elizabeth has started the EIB International Academy of Image & Style.

Elizabeth is also a highly sought after speaker and panellist for both local and international conferences in image management and women empowerment. She has also been awarded The Most Influential Woman Agent of Change Award in 2018/19 by the Malaysian Global Chamber of Commerce for her contribution in leading change and empowering women entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Elizabeth is a graduate from CIM (UK) in Consumer Behaviour Marketing and a Certified Image Consultant (CIC) by the Association of Image Consultant International. She is also a Certified Colour Consultant (International Image Institute, Canada), Menswear Consulting & Bespoke Styling (Studio for Image Professionals, USA & Milan Fashion Campus Fashion Institute), Transformational Colour Practitioner (Arden Reece, USA), Body Language Trainer (Science of People, USA), Certified Handwriting Analysis Practitioner (HUI, USA), Certified NLP Practitioner and PSMB Certified Trainer, Malaysia (HRDF).

In her free time, she dedicates her time to 2ndChanceProject – an animal rescue and rehabilitation program.

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Edmund tan

Associate Trainer, Founder & Coach of Y-MAD Community

With over 30 years experience as a counsellor, lecturer, training program developer, youth and adult trainer/facilitator/coach, Edmund has honed the skills of inspiring & developing trainees to envision and accept the challenge of getting out of their comfort zone and towards a journey of greater heights, to live a life that Makes-A-Difference.

jessica loo

Certified Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Vocal Coach

With a great persona and being an artistically expressive person, fashion is second nature to Jessica! As an avid fashionista, she believes that inner beauty can be expressed with proper styling, colour matching and grooming.

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