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Be Stylish. Be Bold.
Be Authentically You!

Stand out from the crowd the
moment you walk into a room with
our Image Presentation Mastery.

Find your unique signature style based on your body features.
Make a killer first impression by understanding the psychology
of colours and styles for your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

This program is ideal for those keen on nailing their outer
appearance to form the right personal image with their audience.

You will learn to curate your
signature style through:


Tips to Style Harmony
Apply Psychological of Style
Fit, Cut & Garment
Personal Style Lookbook

Personal Colour Analysis

Find Your Power Colours


Creating Your Power Wardrobe


Hair Restyling at Salon

Personal Shopping

success stories

Durgabhai L

Berjayapak Sdn Bhd

Elizabeth was able to help me select the perfect wears to not only look great but making me feel great too!
I Strongly recommend her to anyone keen in creating and enhancing their look!

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Jasveena P
Jasveena R. Prabhagaran

Founder & Writer

I had the pleasure of joining Elizabeth's Inner Circle Learning: Colour Series #1 - How Colours Influence Perception & Create Impression on 1st July, and it was an eye-opening session as to how our wardrobe selection can leave a lasting impact on people we meet for various purposes. How we present ourselves plays a part in our personality and colours play a huge part in it!

Looking forward to learning more.

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Simon Peter
Simon Peter

Singer/Songwriter, Producer,

It was a very interesting session and I managed to learn a few things or two. It was cool to discover about the shape of my own face and how different glasses frames have an impact on my overall look. How about that! It was a very informative session and it definitely opened my eyes to see the different perspectives about how the little details such as the shape of a pair of glasses can change your overall outer appearance and also your inner confidence.

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Ms Ooi Lay Pheng
Ooi Lay Pheng, CEO
Ms. Ooi Lay Pheng

CEO of Berjayapak Sdn Bhd

Elizabeth puts me on the spot in the sea of crowds. She assists me and my team in making precise first impressions in many pivotal occasions. This crucial first impression transformed into a lasting image and the result was a visual branding being created in our professional lives.
Elizabeth Image Branding is my styling choice.

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Yamel Sanchez, CEO & Women Activist
Yamel Sanchez, CEO & Women Activist
Yamel Sanchez

Yamel Sanchez, CEO & Women Activist

"Since the first moment Elizabeth connected the dots of what I was lacking, trying to avoid the real me, she made me understand how to embrace and enhance myself through colour and personal style analysis, each learning was a "realisation moment"
Today I accepted who I am and I dress for it!

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Kerstin Schmidt-Warz, Life Coach
Kerstin Schmidt-Warz, Life Coach
Kerstin Schmidt-Warz

Kerstin Schmidt-Warz, Life Coach

Elizabeth did an awesome job!
Before, whenever I was in my seminar room I felt somehow I was out of place. All the people around me were dressed so nice but me. After her makeover I am a totally new person. New hairstyle which I loooove! New accessories and mostly the same clothes I wore before but in different combinations. That made a huge difference.

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Carene Joy Pilates Instructor
Carene Joy Pilates Instructor
Carene Joy

Pilates Instructor

As a business owner and Pilates Instructor, I realized that building the right brand image is a feat that cannot be achieved on my own. I need the right team of people who are experienced and passionate about helping me discover my own unique brand and will show me the way. The Elizabeth Brand Image Inner Circle is all that and more! Making the decision to join is one that I will never regret. I instantly gained access to high quality training sessions led by Elizabeth and her top-notch consultants. Each session is relevant, informative, enlightening, and valuable. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” is a saying that isn’t far from the truth. Being part of the EIB Inner Circle allowed me to be surrounded by an inclusive network of brilliant people who are equally enthusiastic to learn new skills and refine old ones. We inspire each other to excel and shine whilst making new connections and broadening our sphere of influence.

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Elyssa Tai
Elyssa Tai
Elyssa Tai

Thank you for your inspiring & insightful session! You have opened up my eyes to a new perspective of image branding. Initially, I thought image branding is just how to dress ourselves up to boost confidence and gain an impression. But it is much more than that! I love the strategies of the alignment between your authentic self and the brand identity.

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Hijrah, HR Assistant
Hijrah, HR Assistant

HR Assistant

I would like to thank Image Consultant, Elizabeth for giving me such a wonderful experience. She made me feel like a superstar and my look totally been transformed, same goes with my confident level.

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The World Is Watching. Show Them Your Authentic Self.

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Be outstanding!

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